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Project "Modernization of the railway station Septemvri - Plovdiv - part of the trans-European network"

Position 1: "Modernization of the railway section Septemvri- Pazardzhik"

Investor: NRIC
Contractor: Swietelsky - Baugesselschaft m.b.H
Location: Railroad line Septemvri - Pazardzhik
Role of "Avis Engineering" Ltd: Subcontractor
Nature of work:
- Works on the system of catenary and sectional posts;
- Construction of signaling and telecommunications in the area of Septemvri - Pazardzhik;
- Electrical power for Boards of temporary management;
- Dismantling of safety equipment;
- Delivery of materials for parts: Catenary; Heating and lighting switches; Signaling - shafts and underground cable channels.


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